Minoxidil For Women

Hair is probably a woman’s source of pride! The hair cut, the hair color, the length, the thickness and the shine is all a part of the woman’s personality. As kids your hair was being taken care of by your mom or grand mom maybe, but by now you would have figured out what works and doesn’t work for your hair. So imagine if you start losing hair or if it starts thinning! Many would say that this is an exaggeration, but it’s a life changing event! But there’s ways and means to fix it. And it should start with why the hair loss is happening at all!

Why do women have hair loss?

In women there is no receding hairline in most cases, but hair on the top of the head starts thinning, and overall density of hair decreases. And a lot of this has to do with the life cycle of a hair.

Minoxidil for womenThe lifecycle of a hair is quite simple. It grows for two to six years till it reaches the final length and then falls off. And how long or thick your hair is depends upon what’s happening underneath, that is what is happening with the hair’s life cycle. The things that affect it are stress, medication, erratic weight loss schedules, illness, rampant hair treatments or infection and of course heredity! It could even be your thyroid gland acting up or some auto- immune disorder. Let’s just focus on the most common cause for weak hair, and that is hair not receiving enough care. Care doesn’t mean expensive Minoxidil shampoos, oils, spas or conditioners. Care means what kind of diet you have and what kind of lifestyle you have.

The best way to go about keeping your hair is maintaining a healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise. Also you need to follow this up with some medication that ensures that your hair is getting all the nutrition that it deserves. This is where minoxidil comes in. keep reading to know more.

How does minoxidil help with hair growth?

Minoxidil is the latest wonder drug when it comes to hair regrowth or arresting hair fall. Earlier it was used to deal with high blood pressure and is essentially a vasodilator. That means it relaxes blood vessels so that blood flows easier and without constrictions. This is used as a hair loss solution because it helps with keeping the blood vessels near the hair follicles open, so that they receive more and better nutrition and oxygen. And this in turn contributes to hair growth.

It’s a topical medicine, so apply it on the affected area and don’t wash off before at least two hours of applying it. Ask your doctor for what doses you should take and how you should apply it. There are very minor side effects to minoxidil and they aren’t too severe. Your doc will advise you better with respect to this. Also tell him of any other medication or topical drugs that you may be using.